Coding for blogs is a fun sphere

I have also developed an ultra light weight, extensible code library for Real Estate property content aggregation from Zillow called JelloTM lib.

Are you a Realtor? Flat fee MLS entrepreneur? Let's talk to discuss how this library can enhance your online business and your web presence

Types of work I have done

Have had many successful tasks in server administration, Node.js, Cakephp and VPN trends in personal projects. Streaming radio sites, Minecraft servers are my hobby. Believe it or not I also enjoying getting offline to search for artifacts and antiques.

Passive hobbies .. and files

As a web developer I have helped with the design and launch of lots of web sites. As a programmer I enjoy coding light weight plugins and controls for content systems. I have been doing lots of work lately on content generation scripts. Aside from this I own well over thirty domains. Click here to download my JS Super Class!

What the future holds ..

Theming web sites using responsive HTML5 and CSS friendly templates in WordPress have been taking up lots of time in 2015. I see this continuing for a while due to the popularity and stability of the Wordpress system- And growth of mobile hard ware .. Lately have been having fun with some neat media too..